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We offer wide range of Solar Products as follows:

Solar Pump

Available in the range of 1 HP to 10 HP, AR Solar Pumps offer 40% more discharge as compared to other ordinary pumps. Naturally, this makes our pumps the undisputed leader in the pump market.

Proven motor, pump and motor control and solar pv maximum power point technology (MPPT) for a reliable and fail safe operation

Remove existing bullet text and put " Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning (Turnkey) Capability " for solar pumps either direct or through our channel partners

Easy to operate, Simple to install, No maintenance, Value for money, Attractive paybacks

How Do Solar Water Pumps Help Tribal & Forest Regions?

People from rural regions have to work additionally hard for water, especially due to the unpredictable nature of rain in the country.

Our solar powered water pumps are a low cost solution enabling residents in these areas to easily available drinking water.

Our pump saves the life of tribal people and their agriculture products from wildlife due to available of water resources in the forest region.

Solar Fencing

Ar solar solution is a reckoned entity engaged in offering an exclusive range of Solar Fence to our clients. The offered fencing are manufactured using quality tested raw material under the supervision of our qualified experts. Having different innovative designs, these fencing are highly used to protect the area from wild animals and unauthorized entries. Further our offered fencing systems hold the capability to power long distances of multi-wire fence.

How Do Solar Fence Help Tribal & Forest Regions?

Like a normal electric fence, a solar-powered electric fence can be used to protect livestock, pets, or land from wildlife and pests.

Our solar fence work when wild animals are being come into contact with the electric Fence, they receive a sharp, short, painful but safe electric shock. The shock does not cause any physical damage.

Our solar fence use to protect agriculture from wild animal in an cheaper and easy way

Solar Street Lighting System

Available in the range of 8 wt, 12 wt,18wt, 24 wt and 30 wt AR Solar street light offer 40% more back-up as compared to other ordinary solar street light. Naturally, this makes our solar street light the most successful product in the market.

Solar streetlight is a stand-alone solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED luminaires.

The use of solar power coupled with energy-efficient luminaires make this doubly environment friendly. The configuration can be customisedto the wattage and brightness required and it can be designed for dusk to dawn operations with the required number of days of autonomy.

AR solar street lighting systems offer an environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, boulevards, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or indeed, any public space

How Do Solar Street Light Help Tribal & Forest Regions?

Solar street lights in rural areas has a huge impact as it provides reliable outdoor lighting which improves the living conditions by providing safety to women and children. It also allows communities to engage in activities after sunset thus enhancing livelihood and improving income potential.

Off-Grid Solar System/Home light System

AR Solar solution off-grid solar system design is deemed advantageous by many homeowners, especially since there are a lot of off-grid solar system packages (1 KV, 2 KV, 3 KV, etc…) which can maximize energy output which, in turn, can be used to cycle electricity within your home.

These off-grid solar power systems for homes are affordable, and they can be sustainable solutions to the power crisis that many countries are facing today. With that said, getting a remote solar panel kit at home can surely give you the backup power that you need to ensure that

How does off-grid solar power system help tribal & Forest regions?

Solar off grid dose lighting revolution in forest area. Every day, the forest guards get out of the protection of their huts that time solar light dose essential role in night time. It's also giving easy light at protection hunt

The decentralised and modular nature of solar power makes it easy to deploy for multiple rural applications, impacting key facets of rural population such as productivity, safety, health benefits, access to clean water, heating solution and livelihood.

Solar Blinkers

We offer our clients with solar blinkers that are the LED based Solar Blinker Unit. They have blinking cycle of Blinking mode 1 sec & Off mode for 1 sec. They are generally used as a symbol of some warning. This blinkers are available in Amber, Red color. Green Blinking signal is rarely used. This Solar Road Safety Warning Blinker uses solar energy to operate the signal. So there is no need of Electricity supply.

The whole assembly includes Solar Panel, Frame for Solar Panel, Traffic Signal Blinker, Wire Harness, Charge Controller, Battery, Battery Box, Signal Pole etc. Once you have established Solar Traffic warning Blinker it lasts for many years.

Solar Rooftop

AR Solar Solution offering low maintains solar rooftop in different range including 1 KV-100 KV. At the time of installation we have fulfill each and every norms of MNRE.

With solar on your roof, your power bills will be massively reduced because you will need less electricity from the grid. The cost of electricity from the grid is expected to rise in the coming years, so your cost savings should also rise! And with a linear power warranty of 10 years, you can expect long-term cost savings from avoiding the cost of expensive electricity from the grid.

Furthermore, when your system is producing more electricity than you are using, you can sell the excess power into the grid. Given that prices are expected to rise, you can also forecast that you will receive increasing income from this ingenious investment!

Solar powered evaporative air cooling system (Ducting)

AR Solar Cooler is our new innovative solar product which is being run with DC technology.

Our cooler work in low voltage that the reason gives efficiency level up-to 95 %. AR Solar Cooler also called Evaporative Coolers, Industrial Coolers, Commercial Coolers, Air Washers, Swamp Coolers and Industrial Ventilation Coolers, offer a completely natural way of delivering refreshing cool air with solar energy.

AR Solar Cooler of Evaporative cooling units have been specifically designed for the cooling of under forest resort, raw houses, offices, etc. Also it's very beneficial in rural areas where the usually electricity problem.

An Environmentally friendly solution .

Eliminates odors and stale air instead by re-circulating them.

Money saving - running costs up to 90% less than a mechanical air conditioning system

Doors and windows can remain open with no detrimental effect on the efficiency or operating cost.

Provides a natural environment and improves air quality

Also applicable in open premises where one can remain in touch with natural surroundings.

Run with eco-friendly energy i.e. solar energy.